4 Non Surgical Aesthetic Treatments Which Do What They Claim!

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Patients who opt for aesthetic medicine constantly demand better cosmetic treatments with shorter downtime and less discomfort. The non-surgical cosmetic treatments perfectly fit the bill. There was a time when even the non-surgical cosmetic treatments had high costs, took lots of time and their results were questionable. But now the things have considerably changed.

The evolution in the industry of cosmetic medicine has brought about immense changes and improvements in the non-surgical cosmetic treatments. These are undoubtedly better, affordable and quick procedures as compared to the surgical cosmetic procedures.

There are several breakthrough non-surgical aesthetic treatments that have gained the attention of the people due to their high effectiveness and safety. These treatments live up to their claims. Here are some best aesthetic treatments which you can try to improve your appearance in the coming year.

• Botox: It is one of the first non-surgical aesthetic treatments that has made its mark in the field and continue to live up to its claims with more and more improvements. Botox Clinic Liverpool provides botox injections for the upper face wrinkles which result from a continuous use of the facial muscles for making expressions over the years. The botox is a neurotoxin which works by inhibiting the transmission of nerve impulses to the target muscles. This induces paralysis in muscles. As a result, the surface skin appears smooth and without wrinkles. When botox is injected by the expert and professional injectors at the Botox Clinic Liverpool, it gives highly effective and natural results with no downtime and only a few side effects.

• Fillers for a softer look: the new fillers on the scene give a softer and natural effect to the facial appearance. The popular fillers are hyaluronic acid fillers that replace the lost facial volume while giving a soft and naturally enhanced look to your face. These are used for filling in the deep lines and creases. These are mostly used for cheeks, areas around the mouth, non-surgical nose job and lip enhancement which is in trend nowadays. The treatment has no downtime and you can instantly walk away after the treatment with only few side effects that go away in few days.

• Innovative thread lift treatment: Yes the thread lift treatment is back in trend but with advanced improvements. The latest PDO thread lift procedure uses the superfine threads to give a natural, tighter and lifted appearance to the sagging and loose skin. The threads are absorbable in a skin and inserted into the skin through tiny and nearly invisible incisions.

These threads have cogs or barbs which tighten and lift the skin from inside. As the threads get absorbed into the skin, they stimulate collagen and elastin production which works to firm and tighten skin naturally. The effect can be instantly seen following the procedure but the full effects take 6-8 months until the threads absorb completely. There is little downtime of the treatment with only few side effects and the results last for up to 2 years.

• Micro-needling Treatments: This treatment has regained its lost popularity as a natural way to stimulate skin’s healing mechanism with advanced additions. The micro needling device creates small puncture-like wounds into the skin which stimulates the natural healing response of the skin. Then skin rejuvenating ingredients are applied which penetrates deeper into skin layers repairing skin from inside. The procedure can be used for improving skin texture, scars and to smooth wrinkles and lines with minimal downtime and quick results.


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