How Botox Can Help You With Excessive Sweating This Summer?

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Almost everyone is aware of botox as a beauty or anti-ageing treatment. But maybe few know that it has many medical uses including treatment for excessive sweating. Hyperhidrosis is a medical name given to excessive sweating which occurs without any possible internal or external trigger. The patients of hyperhidrosis sweat excessively irrespective of their surrounding atmosphere, weather or situation.

The hyperhidrosis mainly targets hands, face, armpits and feet. The sufferers of hyperhidrosis sweat heavily most of the time without having any usual trigger. It not only ruins patient’s clothing but also destroys self-confidence and self-esteem. The condition becomes worse in hot weather, social situations or if patient do some physical activity. According to the reports of International Hyperhidrosis Society, excessive sweating affects approximately one-third of the total world population irrespective of gender, race or age group.

The patients usually complain that they get nervous due to sweating while meeting people or in social gatherings or at the office due to which they sweat even more. They need to take repeated baths and change clothes several times a day. If the patient suffers from hyperhidrosis of palms, he/she cannot properly do office work or use a keyboard or write on paper because the palms of their hands become drenched with sweat.

Fortunately, botox hyperhidrosis procedure offers a safe and effective treatment for controlling excessive sweating. It has been approved by FDA for the treatment of excessive underarms sweating but is used off-label by expert botox injectors for excessive sweating of palms, feet and face.

Botox actually works by blocking the chemical signals from the nerve endings to the sweat glands. As the messages from the brain fail to reach sweat glands which activate them, they turn off. This results in an inactivity of sweat glands and they stop producing sweat. The botox hyperhidrosis procedure only takes 15- 20 minutes and is highly effective in controlling sweating up to 90%. The major drawback of the treatment is that its results are temporary lasting for about 3-6 months after which the repeat treatment is required to maintain the results and enjoy a confident life. To have more information kindly visit

The botox hyperhidrosis procedure is highly safe and effective when injected professional and experienced hands. The results of the treatment take 8-10 days to show up fully. The satisfaction rate of patients with Botox treatment is almost 95% and more people are now getting botox hyperhidrosis treatment t keep their excessive sweating at bay.

There are only a few side effects of the treatment including mild swelling, bruising, muscle weakness which fades away in few days. The patients can resume their routine daily work after receiving the treatment.

The cost of Botox hyperhidrosis procedure varies according to the size of the area which requires treatment. The cost of treating the two underarms is approximate $1,000 which varies from practitioner to practitioner who charges according to their skill and experience. The patient requires follow-up injections for maintaining dryness. The repeated treatment may be required at intervals of 7-12 months.


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