Want To Have Kylie Jenner’s lips? Go For Lip Fillers!

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Fuller and plump lips with pronounced border are usually associated with sensuality and youth. Since ancient times, various things have been used by people to enhance the appearance and beauty of the lips and to accentuate them. Through the times, the perceived ideal lips size has changed. Until recently, Angelina Jolie, a renowned celebrity, has placed a tremendous influence with her beautiful, pouted and plump lips. Women have seen to go crazy having those pouted lips by undergoing various lips enhancement procedures. As the non-surgical injectable treatments have become vastly popular, lip injections have also gained wide spread popularity. Following the Kylie Jenner’s claim of having temporary lip filler injections to plump her lips, the lip enhancement has become more main stream.

Women inspired by her fuller and plumper lips are now seeking lip injections treatment. Though the treatment is temporary but the lip injections before and after treatment difference gives clearly different results that last for about 6- 9months depending on the type of filler used for the procedure. The most common types of lip fillers used for lip enhancement treatment are Hyaluronic acid based fillers. These include Restylane, Juvederm and Radiesse. As their effects are temporary, the retreatment is required after every 6 or 9 months that is when the effect of the filler substance wears off and the lips start getting back to their previous shape and size.

Though there are other kinds of fillers available in the market like silicone fillers which give more permanent results but hyaluronic acid fillers give a soft feel and does not form lumps inside the lips when injected by an expert and professional injector. Even if lumps are formed inside the lips, a medication is available which can be used to dissolve them, instantly. The patient does not need to take much precautionary measures before and after the lip injections treatment. Before the treatment, topical anaesthetic cream is applied on the lips to minimize discomfort. Following the treatment, there can be mild bruising and swelling which resolves in few days.

Temporary Lip fillers enhancement treatment gives you the desired lips in just 15-20 minutes and there is no downtime of the treatment. You can walk away and continue your routine work after receiving the treatment. Though it’s a relatively safe procedure but in some rare cases there can be an allergic reaction to the filler, formation of lumps or bumps in lips or lips asymmetry can be caused. Therefore, you need to take services of an expert and experienced aesthetic professional who knows precisely at which spots to inject the fillers to gain desired results.

According to FDA, the fillers treatment is only for the people of age 21 and up but following the Kylie Jenner’s trend who is just 17 years old, younger individuals who are not satisfied with their lips size and shape have also started approaching the lip fillers treatment which they are receiving off-label.


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