Aesthetic Industry Is The Hottest Career Right Now!


Reasons why aesthetic industry is a great career choice #

Around twenty-five years ago, GPS navigation systems, computers, mobile phone were a novelty and expensive niche products, and only a particular class of the society could afford them. Uneducated and ignorant people even considered then “the Devil Machines”. Coming back to the time, these machines have taken over the whole world and are an integral part of our lives. Similarly, the aesthetic industry was an infant in the late 90s and the early portion of the second millennium. People had very sceptical reviews about the cosmetic treatment, and the people who were brave enough to try them were usually scorned about using unnatural means to enhance the features. Cosmetic doctors were rarely found, and medical spa was an unheard concept. Due to these reasons, the treatments could not offer the assurance of safety that they do now. Slowly and gradually, awareness spread and become became a little more acceptable and a little less judgmental about these treatments. Currently, the cosmetic industry is worth £5 billion and the doctors from every field are joining the fray.

Aesthetic medicine has become a very diverse field and continued to grow by leaps and bounds. Cosmetic treatments will always be in demand in times of both inflation and war. The aesthetic industry is one of those specialities in which most of the training is done on the field as opposed to the classrooms. One the required qualifications are earned, a doctor can hit the ground running for the job hunt or open his own practice in the local market. A certified cosmetic doctor is always in demand. Therefore there is no lacking of jobs in the field. This is the industry in which experience and skills both are valued, consequently young, fresh talent and experienced hands, both are welcome to the practice. These are not the only reasons behind the boom this industry is experiencing right now. A person who enjoys building confidence in people, love to see the effects of treatment not only on the bodies of the patients but also in the spirit, have an affection for skin and body care, then this is the ideal career choice for that person.

Aesthetic medicine provides endless opportunities for the people who want to open up their own practice and become self-employed consultants, or wish to enter the filed as a part of a company.

Reasons cosmetic industry is a good career choice: #

We are very confident when we say that cosmetic industry is a very versatile and malleable field. People often get frustrated and depression when their career advancements are put under restriction due to any reason. Nobody is in favour of wasting their potential and time, but this is the case in most of the career paths. Students get and degree,and when finally, after much struggle they manage to find a job, they find that their chances to branch out in other sectors are severely blocked. “Static” is a word which is not found anywhere in the cosmetic industry. Although specific training are required for particular sub fields, the overall skill set is very much the same.

Another advantage of working in this field is the immense growth chances. The aesthetic industry is predicted to grow by 30% in the following decade.
This growth will not only open up new opportunities, but it will also add experience to the old hands and welcome the fresh graduates. New researches are being conducted and the patents to approve new products are piling high on the FDA. In the next decade, many new treatments are expected to launch which will increase the growth by another percentile.

Every person in the world is working to get paid. People love their jobs, because they are exciting and because they pay well. Same is the case with cosmetic doctors. Because the treatments are classified as luxury, not necessity; the health insurance doesn’t cover them. They are generally expensive treatments, and due to this, the earnings of the cosmetic doctors are usually higher.

What can you do to become a part of this industry? #

If you are a medical student who is still unsure about the future of your career or you are a doctor who is unsatisfied with your job. Research about the well-known aesthetic training institutes in your surrounding areas and book yourself for aesthetic courses. These courses are the first step towards your career ladder and will take you from there.


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