How Skin Peels Give You Rejuvenated Skin?

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Chemical skin peeling is an ancient method of skin rejuvenation. Ancient Egyptian and Roman women used sour milk, grapes juice and other natural ingredients to take bath which naturally exfoliated skin revealing clearer, smoother and softer skin.

In today’s times, the modern chemical peeling treatment involves the use of some chemical solution that is applied on the skin in a controlled way that induce skin peeling removing the layer of dead skin cells. The depth of the chemical peeling depends on the skin condition that requires treatment. After about few minutes the solution is rinsed off and the skin peeling starts in a day or two according to the depth of the chemical peel used.

After the dead skin peels off and the natural healing process of skin starts, a new, smooth and rejuvenated skin is revealed underneath. There are various kinds of skin peels and the choice of the chemical peeling solution depends on the nature of skin issue that requires treatment.

Skin conditions treatable through chemical skin peeling treatment

Skin peels are effective for treating multiple skin conditions and can be used on almost all skin types but show better results on light skinned complexions.

• All types of pigmentation
• Hyperpigmentation
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Sun damaged skin
• Dull, rough and dry skin
• Acne
• Acne scarring
• Rosacea

Types of chemical skin peels

The chemical skin peels are basically classified on the basis of the depth of damage that they induce in the skin. There are three broad categories of skin peels;

• Superficial
• Medium
• Deep

The superficial skin peels damage the upper layer of skin, the epidermis while medium skin peels reach the superficial dermis layers of skin. Deep skin peels usually reach into the deeper dermis layers. The concentration and nature of the chemical as well as the duration of contact of the chemical with the skin determines the depth of skin damage. The popularly known acids used for chemical skin peeling are alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs),Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHAs), TCA ( trichloroacetic acid) and Phenol.

The benefits

Chemical peeling treatment is a minimally invasive way of skin rejuvenation. It offers lots of beauty enhancing benefits. The chemical peels are fast and quick to use only taking about 10-15 minutes and the patient can immediately resume the daily routine activities. In case of deep chemical peel, there can be a few weeks of recovery period during which the skin peels off and recovers to generate new skin. The treatment removes the layer of dead skin cells while stimulating the collagen and elastin production. It gives a smooth, radiant, rejuvenated and younger looking skin with minimal downtime and fewer side effects which include redness, skin sensitivity, infections and ski discolouration in some cases.

There are numerous over-the-counter skin peels available but they are not as effective as the medical grade chemical peeling treatment. So it is recommended that you should have a proper consultation with the dermatologist before having skin peel treatment.


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