Hyperpigmentation Treatment Options At Hyperpigmentation Clinics

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Hyperpigmentation is a quite common yet harmless skin problem that causes the appearance of dark skin patches. This skin darkening occurs due to the excess production of melanin, the brown skin pigment that is responsible for giving normal colour to the skin. The condition of hyperpigmentation can affect people of any age and race.

There can be many different causes of changes in the colour of skin. For instance, the diseases of skin like acne may leave behind dark spots or skin discolouration may result from excessive sun exposure. Other causes include trauma or injury to skin. Freckles can also form on skin. These are small brown spots that appear generally on face and arms and are most commonly seen in light skin colour people.

All these different types of hyperpigmentation become more prominent and pronounced due to the sun exposure. This occurs because the ultraviolet rays of the sun are absorbed by melanin to protect the skin from the harmful sun rays. This usually results in tanning of skin which further darkens the skin areas that are already affected by hyperpigmentation.

Seeking treatment at Hyperpigmentation Clinic Harley Street

Hyperpigmentation is quite a mentally disturbing problem. It causes dissatisfaction with one’s appearance. Owing to the nature and causes of this skin problem, there are specialized hyperpigmentation clinic at Harely Street, London ,UK which offers exclusive hyperpigmentation treatment options. Some of these treatments are meant to improve and lighten the pigmentation making it nearly closer to the natural skin tone while others may also help in removing the hyperpigmented spots depending on its type.

Before providing treatment for hyperpigmentation, the Harley Street hyperpigmentation clinic diagnoses the cause of hyperpigmentation after thorough discussion and examination of skin. This makes it easy to identify the cause of hyperpigmentation and its further prevention.

Topical creams and serums having hydroquinone was believed to be the most effective and safe option for treatment of hyperpigmentation but now research demonstrated that the long term use of hydroquinone products may have serious side effects. Therefore its use has been banned in many countries and its use is under consideration by FDA in U.S.A.

As a result of this, many of the manufacturers of skin products are now making use of more natural and effective alternatives like Kojic Acid, licorice extracts, arbutin, lactic acid, soy etc. to produce advanced skin lightening treatment systems that are effective as well as safe.

Topical retinoids are also suggested by many of the hyperpigmentation clinic Harley Street for the hyperpigmentation treatment. This treatment reduces the discolouration of skin by stimulating the exfoliation of epidermis.

Laser treatments are also available at hyperpigmentation clinic Harley Street but they are considered to be controversial as extra care is required during the treatment to avoid the appearance of Post Inflammatory hyperpigmentation following the treatment.

Another treatment option is chemical skin peels that effectively work to reduce the pigmented lesions. There are three strength levels of chemical peels. The treatment is designed according to the skin type and condition of the patient. This treatment can take long time for recovery. It is also available at the hyperpigmentation clinic Harley Street.


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